María Bermúdez

Maria Bermudez - Photo credit: © Devin Ford


Her outstanding and critically acclaimed performances have graced the stages of prominent venues in Spain North America, and throughout the world, including the Hollywood Bowl, and The John Anson Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, The Joyce Theatre and Lincoln Center in New York, Festival de Beaucaire in France, and The Teatro Villamarta, Spain during the prestigious Festival Flamenco de Jerez.

As the founder and artistic director of the Flamenco group Sonidos Gitanos, María has exposed audiences across the world to the unique Flamenco sound and style of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, the city where María has resided for many years. She was honored by the artists of this city for her relentless dedication to the artistry of the region.

Most recently she formed Chicana Gypsy Project, which draws on her rich Mexican-American heritage and her immersion in the Gypsy culture of Andalucia. With her elegant and jazz flavored voice combined with her earthy and sensual Flamenco dancing, she blends cultures and artforms seamlessly into a sound and style uniquely her own.

Her extensive career has inspired the award winning documentary film, “Streets of Flamenco” Inspired the premature death of her brother, a promising Flamenco dancer, the film follows Maria’s journey from the barrios of East Los Angeles, to the Gypsy barrios of the Flamenco World.

María’s dedication to both traditional Flamenco and her Chicana Gypsy Project continues to thrill audiences, communicating a vast range of emotions, cultures, sounds and beauty.  She continues to evolve as an artist through her life in the land where wine grapes grow heavy on the vines, where fighting bulls graze in the fields where horses dance in the air….and where Flamenco reigns.